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Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 - 2 Sets Price : $2,550.00
Packaging Details : Thermal Rotary Evaporator: carton or wooden case package, customized package is available. Supply Ability : 4000 Unit/Units per Month
Place of Origin: Henan, China Brand Name: Lanphan
Certification: ISO

Detail Information

Applicable Industries: Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Retail, Food Shop, Construction Works , Food & Beverage Shops After Warranty Service: Video Technical Support, Online Support
Local Service Location: United States Showroom Location: United States
Condition: New Power Source: Electric
Process: ROTARY Voltage: 220V/50HZ
Power(W): 5KW Dimension(L*W*H): 1170*540*2200mm
Weight: 123KG Warranty: 1 YEAR, 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided: Online Support Key Selling Points: Long Service Life
Name: Customized Rotary Evaporator Manual Up And Down Of: Manual Up And Down Of Bath Kettle
Lifting Stoke: 120mm Rotary Bottle Volume: 5L
Glass Material: GG-17 Rotary Speed: 0-180rpm
Lifting Power: 20W Feature: 20l Multi-function Rotary Evaporator
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃ Port: Qingdao, Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin

Product Description

Product Description

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 0

RE-2002 rotary evaporator's rotary bottle maximum capacity is 20L, receiving bottle's maximum capacity is 10L, rotate speed is 0-140r.p.m, motor power is 180W. RE-2002 rotary evaporator(evaporating bottle volume>10L) is equipped with double condenser(main and vice condenser), which has better condensation effect and higher recovery rate. Because this rotary evaporator works under vacuum condition, and contact segment all adopt high temperature resistance material-high borosilicate glass and PTFE material, it is especially suitable for heat reactive material and material which is corrosive to stainless steel's concentration, crystallization, separation and solvent recovery.

The rotary evaporator has advantages of large contact area, high evaporation efficient, easy to handle, low noise, good sealing performance, complete in specifications and can manage easily foam material. It already has various specification products: 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L and so on, and the 100L rotary evaporator is an exclusive research and developed large-size rotary evaporator of our company, designed for the purpose of mass production need.

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 1

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 2Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 3

Basic ParameterTypeRE-2002
Glass MaterialGG-17
Support Materialstainless steel
Shell MaterialAntisepsis Plastic Spraying 630*534*638 mm
Inner Container Materialstainless steel 450*250 mm
Baseboard Size534*504 mm
Volume of Rotary Bottle210L ¢95 flange aperture
Volume of Recycling Bottle105L ¢60 flange aperture
Vacuum Degree0.098Mpa
Rotating Power120W
Rotating Speed0-110rpm
Heating Power5KW
Temperature Control Range of Bath Kettle400℃
Temperature Accuracy±1℃
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz)220V/50Hz
Up and Down Distance180mm
Shape Size(mm*mm*mm)1170*540*2200 mm
Package Weight (KG)123
Function AllocationSpeed Adjustment ModeElectrodeless Speed Regulation
Rotating Speed Display ModeDigital Display
Temperature Display ModeDigital Display K Type Sensor
Temperature Control ModeSmart Temperature Control
Sealing ModePTFE Sealing
CondenserVertical efficient condenser, main condenser 130*680, assistant condenser 160*530
Up and Down ModeManual Up and Down of Main Engine
Continuous Charging29# Standard Aperture Feeding Valve
Vacuum Display ModeVacuum Meter
Continuous CollectingCheck valve control
Charging ModePTFE Charging valve, ¢60 flange aperture
Optional EquippingUp and Down ModeAutomatic Up and Down
Collecting DeviceDouble Recycling bottle
Anti-explosionAnti-explosion Frequency Changer, Anti-explosion Dynamo EX120W
Frame PartPlastic Spraying or PTFE Spraying
Bath Kettle Materialwhole 304 stainless steel
Our company's laboratory glass and laboratory instruments are independent research and development, available for custom-made according to client requirements.

Packing List of Ideal Plant Essential Oil Distillation Equipment for Russian

Machine PartGlass Part
Nose1 setRotary bottle1 unit
Floor shelf1 setRecycling bottle1 unit
Aluminum Backing Ring of Assistant Condenser1 unitMain condenser1 unit
Vacuum meter1 pcAir conduction bottle/td>1 unit 
Rotary nut1 setFeeding Valve1 unit
Assistant condenser nut1 set¢60 flange tap1 unit
PTFE sealed joint sleeve1 set24# vent valve2 units
PTFE feeding valve with flange plate1 set19# vent valve1 unit
Check valve1 setRotary shaft1 unit
Aluminum Backing Ring of recycling bottle1 unitAssistant Condenser1 unit
¢60F4 pad3 units  
¢80F4 pad1 unit  br>
Big black hat3.5 sets  
Transducer1 set  
Water bath kettle1 unit  
Condenser pipe clamp1 unit  
The final interpretation of this operation manual is reserved by our company. If any change in product, please be subject to the real product. The operation manual will not be changed.
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Corollary Equipment

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 6

1. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with circulating water vacuum pump to offer a vacuum environment for reduced pressure distillation, they are widely used for vacuum filtration, vacuum evaporation, vacuum degassing, etc.

2. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with GDSZ series high and low temperature circulating pump to quickly cooling or warming, the circulating pump is an efficient equipment for quick temperature adjustment.

3. Rotary vacuum evaporator matching use with DLSB series low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump to conduct chemical reaction and medicine storage which requires low temperature environment.

Company Information

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 7

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 8

Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 9Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 10Laboratory Distillation Apparatus Vacuum Rotary Evaporator 11

  1. Ask: What's the operating principle of Rotary Evaporator Condenser Industrial Vacuum? 
    Answer: Under the condition of negative pressure, evaporating flask rotating in the thermostat water bath, which makes solution form a thin film in bottle wall, so as to increase the evaporation area. Evaporating efficiently under low temperature, then condensate recycling through condenser pipe and concentrate to isolate the material to reach experiment requirements. 

  2. Ask: What's the core technology of Rotary Evaporator Condenser Industrial Vacuum? 
    Answer: The key is system's gas tightness, that is whether system can keep high vacuum degree under all sorts of solvent's corrosion and movement state. Henan Lanphan' s R series instrument, which is sealed by composite material four fluorine rubber and glass, can stand all sorts of solvent, has reliable gas tightness and can maintain a high vacuum degree above -0.096MPa. 

  3. Ask: What factor decides the working efficiency of Rotary Evaporator? 
    Answer: For same type equipment, mainly includes: steam temperature, vacuum degree and cooling water temperature. Restricted by some material's thermolability, the steam temperature may have certain limitation when working, so high vacuum degree and low cooling water temperature are two main factors for efficiency improving (can select cryopump to lower the temperature) 

  4. Ask: What's the difference between vertical and inclined condenser? 
    Answer: They have no difference essentially. Vertical condenser is gradually popular because of its small space usage and convenience for transportation and use. Most high-capacity instruments use vertical condenser. 

  5. Ask: What's the design basis of main engine and water bath kettle rising and falling? 
    Answer: It's mainly from the consideration of convenience, safe and economical. Generally, small-size rotary evaporators below 5L use main engine rising and falling and evaporators which are above 5L use water bath kettle rising and falling. 

  6. Ask:How about the anti-explosion ability of R series Rotary Evaporator? 
    Answer:Our company's Rotary Evaporator adopt alternating current dynamo, stepless speed regulating (or frequency control), no electric brush and no spark in operation. Water bath kettle which goes with the evaporator adopts nitrogen-sealed relay control, silicon-controlled contactless switch and vacuum switch. Manual control switch adopt twice circuit control which make electric current less than 3mA and has favorable anti-explosion feature. 

  7. Ask:How to select all kinds of rotary evaporator? 
    Answer: As for structure, our R series products all have excellent corrosion resistance ability and leakproofness ability. According to the solvent volume, 2L, 3L, 5L's machine is fit for lab and sample test; 5L, 10L, 20L's machine is fit for medium experiment; 20L, 50L's machine is fit for medium experiment and production, especially suitable for the extraction of metal ion-avoiding polluted material.

  8. Ask: What's the feature of rotary evaporator comparing to other evaporators? 
    Answer:It has the advantage of small structure, efficient, easy to observe and no metal ion pollution. It is applicable for laboratory, production and valuable material extraction. Its leakproofness ability can compare favorably with foreign equipment while it remain improvement in appearance and humanization design. 

  9. Ask: How to select vacuum pump for rotary evaporator? 
    Answer:We recommend water-circulating pump which can bear all sorts of solvent corrosion and can vacuumize to -0.095MPa(to satisfy using requirements). According to the solvent volume, we can offer various vacuum pump types.

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