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2100*1900*5000mm Falling Film Evaporator

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Delivery Time : 7 work days
Place of Origin: henan Brand Name: lanphan
Model Number: 200L

Detail Information

Voltage:: 380V/220V Dimension(L*W*H):: 2100*1900*5000 Mm
Certification:: CE After-sales Service Provided:: Online Support
Name:: Falling Film Evaporator Stainless Steel Evaporation Speed:: 200 L/H
High Light:

2100*1900*5000mm Falling Film Evaporator


200L Falling Film Evaporator

Product Description

vaccum ethanol separation falling film evaporator stainless steel


Product Description


The falling film evaporator is widely used in the evaporation and concentration of water or organic solvent solutions in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other industries, and can be widely used in the waste treatment of the above industries. The falling film evaporator is especially suitable for heat sensitive materials. The whole equipment is continuously operated under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, energy saving, low operating cost, and can ensure the material is invariable during evaporation.



The falling film evaporator is very popular in industrial, chemical, biochemical, food and other fields, because it has high efficiency, practical and economic benefits. The practical and economic benefits can be concluded as follows:

(1) The falling film evaporator is a concentrating device belonging to the natural circulation, and the heat transfer efficiency is very high during use, which saves a lot energy.

(2) Since the evaporation temperature of the falling film evaporator is relatively low, during operation, a part of the secondary steam passes through its hot press pump and is re-inhaled into the next heater, which forms a recyclable utilization.

(3) The falling film evaporator can use the disc or tube bundle dryer exhaust gas and other low calorific value heat sources as the heat source of the evaporator to a certain extent, so that the amount of steam can be greatly reduced,which can achieve the effect of energy saving. When the waste steam has a sufficient supply, it is possible to use no raw steam, so that significant economic benefits can be achieved.


The working principle of falling film evaporators can be described as follows. The materials are added from the upper part of the heating tube. They are evenly distributed into each falling film pipe through the distributor, and flow down the wall of the pipe in the state of a liquid film. Under the action of gravity and the secondary steam flow, the materials get evaporated while flowing down. At the bottom of the falling film tube, the materials and secondary steam are basically separated, and they reach the separation chamber to achieve complete separation.






S01——Evaporation and separation chamber
E01——Tube heater E02——Tube condenser
E03——Coil condenser E04——Vacuum pump cooler
V01——Middle tank V02——Ethanol collection tank
P01——Feeding pump P02——Concentrate discharge pump
P03——Discharge pump of ethanol P04——Water ring vacuum pump



Model FFE-20 FFE-50 FFE-100 FFE-200 FFE-500 FFE-1000
Evaporation speed 20 50 100 200 500 1000
Heating area 1.2 3 5 12 25 50
Condensing area 1.5 5 7.5 16 30 60
Feeding pump 0.55 0.55 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Discharge pump 1 0.55 0.55 1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5
Discharge pump 2 0.55 0.55 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5
Water ring vacuum pump 0.75 0.81 0.81 1.5 2.2 3.85
Power 2.4 2.46 4.11 5.6 6.7 8.35
Power supply 220V/60Hz Three-phase power,Other component could be customized


Working Process
Feeding(V01) - evaporation(E01) - separation(S01) - condensation(E02) - cooling (E03) - storage tank (V02)


1. Low heating temperature
2. High evaporation speed
3. Short liquid residence time
4. Continuously feeding and discharging
5. Suitable for heat sensitive materials
6. Energy-saving


Corollary Equipment


Company Information



Our Services


1. Provide 24-hour technical consulting reply;
2. Provide professional quoted price;
3. Provide detailed product performance specification;
4. According to product’s using condition, technicians will offer rationalization proposals to assist clients to select proper product types;
5. Provide other corollary equipment according to client requirements.


1. Begin to supervise from raw material, its qualified rate can reach to 100%;
2. Whole manufacturing process are in strict accordance with promised procedure requirements, product qualified rate can reach to 100%;
3. Provide product’s inspection record of key junctures to customers;
4. Provide production schedule photos to customers at regular intervals;
5. Package and transport products strictly accordance with export standard;
6. Provide transportation schedule information to clients timely.


1. Provide targeted installation video;
2. Under the premise of correct installation, normal maintenance and using, we guarantee one-year warranty period;
3. When warranty period has expired, our sold products enjoys lifetime guarantee repair, we only charge cost price for changing product’s standard component and sealing component;
4. During installation and adjustment period, our after-sale service staff will communicate with customers frequently to know product’s running state in time. Assist customers to install and adjust products until customers are satisfied;
5. If product has malfunction during operation period, we’ll offer you satisfied answer in time. We’ll reply you within 1 hour and provide solution or send staff to spot within 24 hours after receiving maintenance notification;
6. Lifelong free technical support. Conduct satisfaction survey and inquiry equipment running condition to clients by telephone or e-mail semiannually from the first day of equipment running, put on records of acquired information;
7. Provide assistant service if product is damaged during transportation.


1. Why is single-effect falling film evaporator commonly used for ethanol recovery?
Ethanol has low heat content and is volatile, so it is not suitable for multi-effect falling film evaporator.

2. What is the feed temperature of the single-effect falling film when recovering ethanol?
It is recommended to be above 20 °C, if the low temperature material liquid can add a preheating device before the cloth.

3. How much is the steam pressure in the heating chamber controlled?
The steam pressure is controlled within 0.2MPa, and the temperature is within 130 °C.

4. How to control the steam temperature?
By adjusting the steam pressure to adjust the steam temperature, the temperature changes with the pressure.

5. What material is the single effect falling film evaporator, can it be made of 316 material?
Hygienic grade 304 material. According to customer needs can be made of 316 material.

6. Is the single-effect falling film evaporator controlled automatically or manually?
Manual control. According to customer needs can make automatic control system.

7. Can 200L single effect falling film evaporator be sent by air?
After special packaging design, it can be sent by air.

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