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Vacuum Freeze Dryer Introduction

December 13, 2022

Henan Lanphan Industry Co., Ltd. is a young, innovative and diversified high-tech enterprise composed of high-level talents. The enterprise integrates R&D, production and sales, and is committed to the research of vacuum freeze-drying technology.


We adhere to the core design concept of high quality, environmental protection, energy saving, and high efficiency, adhere to the innovative road of independent research and development, and keep up with the pace of the times to introduce new ones. The company has strict requirements on product production, packaging, transportation and other aspects. The company is committed to making every customer 100% satisfied.


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Our company's freeze dryers have the following series: experimental type, pilot type and household type.


Lab vacuum freeze dryers are widely used in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biological research, chemical industry and food. Freeze-dried items are easy to store for a long time, and can return to their original state and maintain their original characteristics after adding water. This freeze dryer can meet the requirements of routine freeze-drying in the laboratory.


Vacuum freeze-drying technology prevents the contamination of materials and realizes the automation of drying and sublimation. This model has shelf heating and programmable functions, can memorize freeze-drying curves, and comes with a U disk extraction function, which is convenient for users to observe the freeze-drying process of materials.


Household vacuum freeze dryer is suitable for small amount of freeze drying, widely used in fruits, meat, vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine, health care products, etc. Household freeze dryers are a trend from special purposes to home use. Freeze-dried food, medicinal materials, etc. are easy to store for a long time, and can retain the taste, shape and nutritional content of the original material to the greatest extent.


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