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Cooking with a Rotary Evaporator at home?

December 16, 2020

  When the American chemical researcher Lyman C. Craig invented the rotary evaporation system in 1950, probably he could not imagine what an innovation he brought into the chemical and pharma industries. Advantages of the technique are numerous but some precautions have to be taken specially when treating samples prone to bump, like for example, ethanol.

  It is a matter of fact that experienced chemists carefully regulate the power of the vacuum or play with the bath temperature or thoroughly set the evaporation rate in order to avoid or drastically reduce the risk of bumping, occasionally associated with foaming. Since its invention the rotary evaporation technique has been growing and expanding almost constantly, going well over the boundaries of chemistry and pharma. One of the latest and unexpected applications, that probably Mr. Craig could not imagine to see 60+ years ago, is rotary evaporation applied to “molecular cooking”.


  The evaporation technique is usually associated to chemistry but in the recent years celebrated chefs have been using rotary evaporators in their kitchens and less famous chefs are now doing so too. In spite numerous, and inevitable, initial perplexities it seems it is a widespread trend, particularly in some countries. Contrary to applications in chemistry, where many times samples can be difficult to be processed, this is an ”easy” extraction, in general without any problem. Actually, in the large majority of the cases, more than extraction it is merely a question of cooking fresh food gently and precisely preserving taste, scent and nutritional facts by spoiling the combination temperature/vacuum.

  Usage of rotary evaporator cooking at home

  1.Concentrating the purest and freshest flavors from a blood orange by removing the water.

  2.Extracting the desired flavors from a blend of alcohol, herbs, and fruit without heating the mixture up.

  3.Extracting brandy and syrup from wine.

  4.Homemade aquavit, homemade chocolate liquor from the mixing liquid of chocolate and vodka, etc.

  5.Separate sugars, acids, colors, and most bitter compounds from aromas, alcohols, water, and small flavor molecules, etc.

  How rotary evaporator help you achieve these purpose?

  1.Rotary evaporator distillation function, which could separate a given mixture into its components based on their different volatility, through the process of evaporation and condensation (liquid-gas-liquid), to help you got you desired liquid.

  2.You also could understand rotavapor distillation as separation, through rotovap distillation to separate food compounds from one another without altering them.

  The benefits of choosing rota evaporator cooking at home

  1.Rotary evaporator with vacuum pump guarantee all evaporation process is finished under whole vacuum condition, which could lowers material boiling point, don’t need heat material to high temperature, not only could protect the original performance of material, but also could make evaporation more efficient and accurate.

  2.Evaporating flask is immersed in a heated water bath (or oil bath 150 degrees), increases the surface area of the product, greatly speeding distillation and also, through forced convection, keeping the mixture evenly mixed and heated to promote stable, even evaporation.

  3.Rotary evaportor condensers is totally sealed and made of glass, which is easy to visually monitor and adjust. Through this way, you could recover almost 100% of the solvent.

  Food made by rotary evaporator

  All kinds of juice can be concentrated by rotary evaporator through removing water and people can do it easily at home. Fruit juice and other juices are widely concentrated by rotary evaporator, which can provide us better taste and smoother juices. Besides juices, several kinds of foods are extracted by rotary evaporator. For example, extracting the desired flavors from a blend of alcohol, herbs, and fruit . And extracting brandy and syrup from wine is another using way. What’s more, because the complex composition of food samples, proteins, fats, and sugars often cause interference in analysis and detection. Therefore, rotary evaporator is often used for treatment in advance.

  Rotary evaporator coffee

  Coffee is a kind of food material that is ubiquitous on the market. It uses coffee beans and/or coffee products (ground coffee powder, coffee extract or its concentrate) as raw materials. It can add food additives without adding other food raw materials. It is a solid beverage that has been processed.

  With the development of technology, making coffee involves more and more techniques, for example, rotary evaporator plays a important role in coffee’s making process. In the process of making coffee, rotary evaporator is responsible for concentrating the coffee by removing the water from it.

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